Way v. Area Agency on Aging, District 1, Inc., State of Wisconsin

Believing that her sensitivity to secondhand smoke led to her firing from a secretarial job, Tari Way filed employment discrimination charges against her former employer, the Area Agency on Aging.  She had worked in a small, poorly-ventilated office with three chain-smoking colleagues.  After six months working there, she developed a chronic cough, shortness of breath, headaches and burning eyes.  Shortly after she complained about the smoke, she was fired.  On July 24, 1980, the case was settled with payments to Tari Way of $21,500 by Employer’s Insurance of Wausau and $6,500 by the State of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Dept. of Industry, Labor and Human Relations, Worker’s Compensation Division, Case Nos. 7849432 and 7918697 (1980).