Lamacchia v. Lamacchia

On December 19, 1991, a judge ordered a smoking mother and nonsmoking father to comply with an agreement reached by the parties regarding the custody of their two-year-old son.  In this agreement, the parents “will not smoke in presence of child nor will allow anyone else to do so,” while the son is in their custody.  See “Parents Agree to Smoking Ban in Child Custody Case,” Boston Herald, January 10, 1992, 20; “No Smoking Rule Breaks Ground in Custody Case,” Middlesex News (Framingham, MA), January 10, 1992, 3A; and “No-Smoking Rule Won in Custody Agreement,” Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Jan. 10, 1992, 3.  On June 19, 1992, however, a judge refused to incorporate language regarding smoking into the final divorce decree.

No. 91D 0004, (Middlesex County, MA, Probate and Family Court, 1991).