Updated December, 2013.


This website provides searchable summaries of more than 600 legal cases regarding smoking in the workplace and other places. Whether the dispute is about smoke in the home, disability discrimination, prisons, employment, or child custody, this is where you will find information about it.


We are calling this “Smoke Litigation.” It refers to any legal dispute in the United States involving tobacco smoke exposure.  These includes lawsuits which may refer to the smoke exposure as “secondhand smoke” (“SHS”), “environmental tobacco smoke” (“ETS”), “involuntary smoking,” or “passive smoking.”


Below you will find the search engine to locate particular cases by type of case and state.


The information contained here has been compiled by Tobacco Products Liability Project Senior Attorney Edward Sweda over more than 25 years. It was gleaned from a variety of sources, many of which are mentioned in the case annotations or here. These summaries do not, by any means, represent the final disposition of the cases. There may have been additional action taken on the cases here that is not reflected in these summaries.


SmokeLitigation.org is a project of the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University School of Law.

To learn about international tobacco control laws and litigation, visit Tobacco Control Laws.


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Assault and/or Battery
Child Custody
Disability Benefits / Pension Plans
Handicap Discrimination
Injunctive Relief / Negligence
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
Nuisance / Real Property
Retaliation / Wrongful Discharge
"Smokers' Rights"
Suits Against Tobacco Companies Based on Passive Smoking
Unemployment Compensation
Must Employer Bargain w/ Union re. Smoking Policy
Workers' Compensation


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