Willoughby v. ISPEC Inc.

A woman who suffers from chronic asthma and bronchitis sued her employer, a company that refurbishes and resells medical equipment, alleging that the company fired her because of her sensitivity to tobacco smoke.  The only nonsmoker at the company, she was fired in January 1996 on the grounds of excessive absenteeism.  Willoughby brought a claim under the Americans With Disabilities Act, claiming that the ISPEC Inc. did nothing after she complained about the poor ventilation and about having her asthma worsened by tobacco smoke.  See Baldwin, P., “Secondhand Smoke Suit Says Firing Was Wrong, Employer Accused of Insensitivity on Breathing Problems,” Louisville Courier-Journal, January 3, 1998, B1.

U.S. Dist. Ct. (D. Ky.)(1998).