In re: Wiley

A nurse who worked at a psychiatric unit at a Veterans’ Administration hospital died of lung cancer.  Her widower was awarded death benefits.  See Geylin, M., “Widower Wins Death Benefits in Case Over Second-Hand Smoke in Workplace,” Wall Street Journal, December 13, 1995, B6; “Secondhand Smoke Blamed,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, December 16, 1995, 1A; “Workers’ Comp for Cancer Triggered by Second-Hand Smoke,” Lawyers Weekly USA, January 15, 1996, 3, 4; and Shoop, J.G., “Widower Gets Death Benefits in Secondhand Smoke Case,” Trial, March 1996, 14, 78.

10.8 TPLR 2.295, No. A9-365951 (Ind. 1995).