Covino v. Turner

In a case brought by smoking prisoners, a U.S. Magistrate on June 29, 1992, declined to issue an injunction against the implementation of a ban on smoking in prisons, scheduled to take effect two days later.  See Donoghue, M., “Inmates Face Smoking Setback,” Burlington (VT) Free Press, June 30, 1992, 1B; “No Smoking in Jail,” The National Law Journal, July 13, 1992, 6; and Ponessa, J., “In Vermont’s Prisons, They’re Kicking Butts,” Governing, July 1992, 17-18.

3.7 TPLR 3.133, 2:92-CV-99 (U.S. Dist. Ct., Vt., 1992).